Fusion Bible Church

The second of two churches designed for Fusion Bible Church, this branch will be located in Durant, Oklahoma and will serve their quickly growing congregation. While still in design, this facility has the possibility of being built in phases to achieve budget forecasts and to allow growth as the needs of the community change over time. Ultimately, the facility will accommodate 700 in the sanctuary at each service.

The flexibility of the building is one of the most important features of the design. The church is being designed such that major components can each, individually or together, be expanded and flexed to maximize use of multipurpose spaces. Currently, the building is designed to house a sanctuary, lobby with café, youth center, children’s area, indoor play area, kitchen, adult classrooms and offices.

The facility is designed with a focus on creating as much of a community space as one of worship. Warm earth tones are found throughout, as well as clean, modern lines. The design is focused on people, their movement, comfort and sense of community.