Felix Botello Elementary

Felix Botello Elementary

Felix G. Botello Elementary School is a new two-story 92,000 square foot elementary school. The two-story floor plan is configured so the more public spaces can be separated from the main wing to facilitate after-hours use by the community. The classrooms are grouped by grade, with the main building entries making a hinge, tying these two areas together. Also included is a 400-seat auditorium, cafeteria, and kitchen, and a gymnasium. Additional components include fenced play areas and sports fields, hard court play areas, and a more secure play area for Pre-K and Kindergarten students.


In the 6 years I have had the pleasure of working with Chad and the Alliance team, I have found them to be competent, dedicated and experienced professionals.  They offer unrivaled talent, knowledge and experience, not to mention a huge comfort zone for their clients.  They are sensitive to constraints of both budget and time, professional in the dealings with the project team members, and responsive to Digital Realty’s needs – all while providing excellent design.

Bryan Marsh

Vice President of Global Management

Digital Realty